Photography by Doug B.

I’ve always had passion for visual art. Taking photographs is part of the visual extension. My passion in finding new ways to create, capture and perform art, keeps me motivated to breath.

Photography was always an interest that recently blossomed into a beast of its own. Learning how to get the right focal depths and lighting are contributed to Caroline Swartz's photography course.

I find it natural to capture landscapes, plant life and rocks. Finding that angle or moment to steal comes almost second nature.

Diving head first into digital media in the mid nineties, I watched and participated in the progression of physical to digital mediums in real time. Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash opened a highway of ideas.

The internet was booming also. HTML Php and Javascript shaping and melding the fabric of the future. Everything happening almost simultaneously in a big bang moment. Enjoy your visit at d-photo and if any questions arise, feel free to contact me.