Doug been an artist allof his life. Painting in post modern impressions, creating videos, web designs and image editing have all been a main stay for the creative process.

Photography has also been a river of curiosity with using some of the old cameras from the eighties to the new realm of digital cameras. Over the past few decade, Doug's collection of images has grown. Everything from nature to man made structures are all on display.

Now in Doug's later life , it is a time of refinement and process. refining what is already known and processing new ideas and concepts.

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Tip and Tricks:

- Don't be afraid to try something new. The process of creativity is spontinuity.

- When capturing water in motion, use a longer opened shutter speed. This will give a smooth effect.

- Photoshop and Light Room are amazing applications for editing photos. Don't be afraid to manipulate an image.

- Always do a test shot to make sure the lighting is correct.

- When capturing the night sky, make sure to be in an area that has no light.This will insure a crisp image

- Always ask before capturing a person. Don't be a creeper in the bushes.

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- Canon t5 Rebel

-AMD powered Computer

-Adobe Suite

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